Mar 01
Balancing Salability with the Creative Process
Glass Art Article by Vicki Schneider
Jan 04
Oceans of Emotion
Public Art Installation by Lisa Liedgren Alexandersson and Kait Rhoads for FLOW 2021 - 2022. Generated by the community for SPU’s Ship Canal Water Quality Project, located in Wallingford, Seattle, WA.
Jan 04
Schantz Gallery Studio Focus
weaving her world with glass
Jan 04
Salish Nettles Instillation
Installing Salish Nettles into the Pacific Seas Aquarium at Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium on August 21, 2019
Jun 28
Feb 01
Inspired by Nature and Informed by Memory
Neues Glas Article by Mary Drach McInnes
May 03
Working on Salish Nettles 2017
Working on Salish Nettles for the Pacific Seas Aquarium