Form: Soft Sculpture
Year Created: 2018 installed 2022
Dimension: 7ft  x 4ft x 5ft and the stipe, pneumatocyst or bladder and the holdfast are 14ft x 6in.
Description: Blown glass, into steel molds, pulled out into tubing, cut, heated in a kiln, woven together with copper wire into a silicon bronze frame work (kelp blades). This sculpture depicts Nereocystis, or Bull Kelp/ with the holdfast and a single stipe, topped with a pneumatocyst and blades. It is a local Pacific Northwest algae. In the collection of ArtsWA  in the Health and Life Science Building at Highline College, Des Moines WA.
Video of Hollow Murrine Process

Short video of instillation of Bloom in the Biology Department at Highline College.